Less like a wine tasting, more like a sporting event for the senses! 8 countries will do battle over 7 events, culminating in the Grand Final where winner takes all. And at each event you, the judges, score each country's wines and decide who goes through to the next round… Bring it on!


Series 1

March 25 2018: France v Italy

April 22 2018: Australasia v South Africa

May 13 2018: Portugal v Chile

June 23 2018: Spain v Argentina

August 11 2018: France v South Africa

September 22 2018: Chile v Argentina




Cork & Cask, Marchmont

Chris and Matt at Cork & Cask are dedicated to providing customers with the best handpicked wine, beers and spirits. Being independent, they're free to follow their passion for the very best wines, and no matter when you drop in they're always ready to help you find the perfect drop.

The guys pride themselves on their wine range, which is always fresh and exciting. They also stock a wide and comprehensive range of beers, with the focus on local Scottish beers but with an expansive selection of world beers, including rare Belgian and German beers.




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