Red or white? Blue skies or grey?


A lot people who enjoy wine will confess their preference for either red or white. I saw this first hand at our first World Cup of Wine event - where even though our judges said they "only liked white" or "only ever drank reds", they happily and enthusiastically judged both reds and whites. Which proved to me that while they know their own minds, they're also evolved enough to accept that there might be wines worth noticing outwith their preferences. (Check me out - 'outwith' - that's a word I've discovered since moving here to Edinburgh!)

Sadly I'm polyamorous when it comes to wine. Which is a fancy way of saying I'm a bit of a wine slut. News to all of you I'm sure. But I really do like both reds and whites. I tend to want a nice red when it's cold outside, and given that we've just endured a very long and nasty winter here in the UK, that means that an awful lot of red wine has passed through our flat in the past five months. But yesterday was April 1, and the weather was like this:

Middle Meadows Walk, Edinburgh

Middle Meadows Walk, Edinburgh

Check out those rampant daffodils, that picture postcard blue sky - it's almost like, hang on a minute, could it be Spring arrived at last?

And my love of white wines is back. Big, boofy whites that are delicious when served very cold. Crisp, fresh whites that go so well with nibbles as the evening sun pours into the kitchen… 

But today, it's grey again, and actually threatening snow. It seems that yesterday's weather was just an April Fools Day prank. Do I run back to the reds? Cut that out! Says Google, here are some whites that are perfect for colder weather:

So maybe it's an Aussie thing? Because of course there are a tonne of amazing European wineries producing white wines. Chablis, Chenin Blanc, Pinot Blanc, the list goes on. And if we waited for that mythical perfect summer's day to drink whites, they'd be covered in dust by now. Especially if we're were waiting for that warmer weather in Scotland! (Yes I moan about the weather here, too. A topic that's never exhausted.)

In the end, I can't change the weather but with a good glass of wine, maybe I won't care so much!



Kati Woods