Chile Caesars* the Day to win Quarterfinal C

With a new venue on New Town's swanky Broughton Street to enjoy, our judges were keen to get stuck in. Quarterfinal C saw Portugal battle it out against Chile for the right to progress to the semifinals, and right from the get go it was an interesting match up. The first wine out of the gate was Portugal's signature Vinho Verde, which was described by our judges as "spritzy" and "dangerous". It went head to head with Chile's Santa Alba Sauvignon, which we paired with a caesar salad. The judges were divided though, some scoring it a 3, others an 8.



The match progressed with an Alvahinho ("a solid seven") versus a Reisling ("just sweet enough").  Then out came the big guns - the reds. Portugal's Fontanario and Pegoes did pitched battle against Chile's Pinot Noir Rose and a Carmenere. All the reds scored quite highly but when the dust had settled and we tallied the final scores, Chile came out in front. ("What!?" said Adrian. It was fairly obvious that he had a spot spot for the Portuguese side).

Our next quarterfinal on June 23 sees the last of the 8 countries come out to play. Spain has been patiently awaiting its turn on the field, but will Argentina cause a few tears?**

* It's my blog and I can pun if I want to.

** Maybe nobody will get this reference. But again, it's my blog and I don't care.

Kati Woods